Guiding principles

Collaboration. Connections. Community.

We understand it can be exhausting for anyone to keep a home “ready to show” for an extended period of time. Even more so when you have little children or a demanding career. The good news is we have a proven system that will help reduce the time your property sits on the market and the period of time in which you have to keep your home staged to perfection.


Defined as The action of working with someone to produce or create something. In Real Estate, we want to help our clients produce a sale. We also think BIG, about what we do. We are really helping people make a change in their lives, producing transformations in the place that they call home. We are helping clients, friends and families achieve goals, take action and make a move. We are agents of change.


We work best when we work as a team, with each individual having unique skills and talent, working towards a common goal. We feel the synergy that comes from connecting with people who have a passion for this business. From brainstorming ideas for marketing homes, to connecting buyers and sellers as we consider those whom we are helping make a move. From staging and designing spaces that inspire; to dreaming how to deliver the best service in Real Estate.


Connections may be one of the most important reasons people reach out to us in this industry. We are connected. From a lifetime network of clients who have bought and sold with us, to a vast repertoire of trades and contacts to help us get a job done. “It’s all who you know” is a common expression for success in business and this is especially true in Real Estate. 


We have prided ourselves in creating strong relationships with other agents in the industry. Making allies benefits our clients as we work to have the most expansive network amongst the movers and shakers in the City of Calgary. 


We utilize tech to promote and connect all the time. Our creative approach helps cut through the noise in your newsfeed to discover something worthy of your time and attention (and often that can be just a spark of fun!). 


We embrace a grassroots approach to connecting biz to biz and person to person. It is in our hometown nature of being Calgary born and raised. You will see this in the way we promote community and business. 


We are local, and we want local to succeed.


Not only do we sell communities (location, location, location) but we hope to be a part of building community. It is through the community that we expand our connections and network, and it is in community that we gain the most satisfying feeling of contribution. Helping with local projects and initiatives, such as community events that connect neighbours. 


We give what we can when we can. Most important, we will give you our time and energy when we roll up our sleeves for a campaign. From getting your house for sale, promoting the neighbour day block party to helping with the local ice rink. Being a part of the fabric of the community enriches our business. 


Ramage & Co. cares.

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